Mr. Print & Design has been a locally owned company for over 30 years (formerly Petes Print Shop). Printing and designing not only for Newcastle and the Hunter Valley but all of Australia.

At Mr. Print and Design, we understand that you are busy. Our sales team will come to you to discuss your needs, and usually within the same day.We offer a wide range of printing services, including business cards, docket books, brochures, magazines, and flyers, to stickers, hats, shirts, and pens, just to name a few. 

We supply companies from husband and wife teams to national and international companies, assisting them with all their print and graphic design needs.

Sustainable Practices

Mr. Print & Design is committed to behaving ethically and continually improving. We promote sound practices that enhance economic, societal and environmental values. 

Our company is committed to reducing the ecological impact of our activities and has implemented a variety of initiatives to contribute to this goal.

Business Practices

⤢    Where possible, Mr. Print & Design reduces waste and re-uses or recycles materials.

⤢    By using sensible energy management of its buildings and equipment, Mr. Print & Design has reduced its overall consumption of energy.

⤢    With an aim to significantly reduce the Mr. Print & Design travel footprint, the management and staff combine trips or opt for alternatives such as telephone and video conferencing. Where travel is necessary, Mr. Print & Design has reduced its impact on the atmosphere by purchasing carbon offsets through the airline.

⤢    Wherever possible, Mr. Print & Design maintains a green supply chain for all goods and services provided.


⤢    Mr. Print & Design actively promotes and encourages the adoption of ecologically sustainable manufacture practices and operations. Mr. Print & Design provides sustainable design information to our team members via Environmental Practice Notes & Sustainable Design articles.